My Bio

I have over 40 years experience in working with horses. I come from a long line of Equestrians, five generations back. In 2001, when I found out there was actually a name and or title adhered to what I already know to be true, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I was “all in” immediately because I know for a fact that it is real and it works. How do I know this, because I am a product of Equine Therapy. Way before there was any science or research done on how a horse can impact a human life, there was me. I lived to teach others with the partnership of my horses how to live their best life.

My biggest accomplishment is knowing that I make a positive difference in people’s as well as horses lives. Through this work that Simply Equine Therapy does my hope is that others see this and spread the word. I have a certification in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as well as Anger and Behavioral Management. Through the work of Simply Equine we are able to save people and horses.