Currently, SEAT works with the Raytown and Independence Youth Courts, Seasons

Care Center (an Alzheimer’s facility), Operation Breakthrough and Gordan Parks Elementary (Inner-city schools), and other organizations in which our goal is to unite our clients with horses, thereby improving the quality of their lives, and to promote improvement in life skills. Community Orientated SEAT established a program to work with the Raytown Youth Court in 2003 and in 2004 set up a similar program with the Independence Youth Court. These programs are for youth (17 and under) who are currently involved in crimes or behavior that is not acceptable. Generally, these youth are first-time offenders who attend our program as mandated by the courts. Through our program, they learn responsibility, time management, and essential life skills. Of those who have come to SEAT, 25% have continued as volunteers, not returning to the courts for any reason. A few have become youth assistants with SEAT, going beyond volunteer status to become staff.

In the summer of 2006, SEAT began accepting adults through the Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP), allowing non-violent offenders to serve their court- mandated community service. Though adults can provide a greater challenge in affecting change in attitude and behavior, SEAT has seen greater cooperation, teamwork, work ethic, responsibility, and a desire to work with the horses. In early 2007, SEAT expanded it’s opportunity for adult court-mandated community service to include those through the Northland Alternative Service Program (NASP).

In the short time, SEAT has accepted adult community service; several have remained as volunteers and have included their family and friends in the continuation of this organization and it’s vision.