Why does SEAT exist?

Horses make excellent teachers!
Horses are very much like humans, in that they are social animals. They have defined roles within their herds, and want to be with their peers. They each have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods. Most importantly, horses have the ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them.
In an era when immediate gratification and the “easy way” are the norm, horses require people to be engaged in physical and mental work to be successful, a very important characteristic in all aspects of life. Simply Equine Assisted Therapy (S.E.A.T.) is a Not-For-Profit organization. The staffs driving goal is the company’s mission; to promote growth and discovery through equestrian activities.
Through activities and exercises involving the horse(s), SEAT strives to affect lasting change and understanding in the participants. Non verbal communication, creative thinking and problem solving, leadership, teamwork, confidence and attitude are examples.
Through horsemanship, training and caring for the horses, participants grow in a positive manner by developing relationships, work ethic, and responsibility.

A Brief History

Lisa Jegen and Rae Letterman, with an idea of improving the quality of those affected by disability and/or disease, founded SEAT in the Spring of 2002. After much research Lisa and Rae attended training provided by the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association (EAGALA), an organization dedicated to improving lives through therapy in conjunction with the use of horses. In addition to therapy, SEAT implemented a reality orientation program for Alzheimer’s patients, as well as riding lessons and summer camp.

In late 2003, SEAT applied for and became a Not-For-Profit(501(c)3) organization, forming a Board of Directors soon after